From 5 to 7 August 2016, the inaugural edition of Art Stage Jakarta, Indonesia’s first premium art fair of international format, opened its doors at the Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel. The three-day fair provided a window for its audience comprising of art collectors from all over the world to discover new works and artists from Southeast Asia, as well as to interact with one another.

As Southeast Asia’s largest art scene and market, Indonesia is defined by its unique artists and a strong collecting culture led by the nation’s dedicated collectors – making it the perfect site for the fair’s audience to gain an insight into the rich and diverse contemporary Indonesian art scene.


Art Stage Jakarta is the sister fair to Art Stage Singapore, Southeast Asia’s flagship art event. The 2016 edition of the Jakarta fair featured up to 49 international galleries, including those from Europe and Asia. Some of the leading galleries present were Galerie Perrotin (Paris); Finale Art File (Manila); Gajah Gallery (Singapore); Mizuma Gallery (Tokyo); Pearl Lam Galleries (Hong Kong); Richard Koh Fine Art and Wei-Ling Gallery (Kuala Lumpur). These galleries brought in works by some of their top artists that they represent. Galerie Perrotin, for instance, displayed art by Jean-Michel Othoniel.

Meanwhile, Pearl Lam Galleries showed works by Antony Micallef, and Wei-Ling Gallery brought in works by Malaysian artist Wong Chee Meng.

National representation was strong at this premium art fair with 20 galleries based in Indonesia: Nadi Gallery, Galeri Canna, ROH Projects, Semarang Gallery, Edwin’s Gallery and more. Also present were Indonesian artists represented by the aforementioned galleries, which include Agus Suwage, Eddie Hara and Heri Dono (Nadi Gallery); I Nyoman Masriadi and Entang Wiharso (Galeri Canna); Syaiful Aulia Garibaldi, Syagini Ratna Wulan and Bagus Pandega (ROH Projects); Eko Nugroho, Lugas Syllabus and M. Irfan (Semarang Gallery); and more.

In addition, a major highlight of Art Stage Jakarta 2016 was Expose – the Collectors’ Show. Curated by Mr Enin Supriyanto, one of Indonesia’s leading curators, the exhibition paid homage to the art collecting culture in Indonesia since independence. First ignited by President Sukarno who is remembered in history as an avid art patron and collector, including works by local artists, the collecting culture in Indonesia is now moving forward with a new generation of young collectors. Expose puts an emphasis on the role of art collectors in Indonesia, and their contributions to the growth of the country’s visual art scene.





The inaugural edition of Art Stage Jakarta has, without a doubt, allowed the audience in attendance to witness not only the growth, but also the artistic and market potential of Indonesia’s contemporary art scene.

The artworks featured in Expose came from the private collections of at least two generations of Indonesian art collectors – Mr Alexander Tedja, Mr Deddy Kusuma, Dr Melani Setiawan, Mr Rudy Akili, Mr Tom Tandio and Mr Wiyu Wahono. Through this exhibition, the audience was able to have a first-hand look at modern and contemporary Indonesian art, ranging from paintings, sculptures, installation, photography, to works that incorporate the most current state of digital technology and bio-magnetic elements.

The excitement of Art Stage Jakarta did not stop at the gallery space. A key accompaniment to the fair was the Art Stage Jakarta 2016 Conversations, a series of art talks. These panel sessions covered various topics such as the relationship between artist and collector; the role of government in developing contemporary art; the significance of art awards; and the creative process of making art. Among the speakers invited to share their views include art collectors such as Mr Deddy Kusuma, artists such as Ms Mira Lesmana and Mr Yue Minjun, art directors and managers such as Mr Hilmar Farid from the Indonesian Ministry of National Education & Culture and Ms Andonowati from Lawangwangi, as well as curators such as Mr Ricky Francisco from the Lopez Museum.

Moreover, in the lead-up to the art fair, a newsletter series titled Collector Conversations was produced. It aims to create awareness of the emerging market for contemporary art in Indonesia. The 2016 issue featured interviews with Indonesian art collectors such as Mrs Caecil Papadimitriou, Dr Ir. Ciputra and Mr Prasodjo Winarko, in which they discussed their art collections, their favourite pieces, and key trends in the art industry.


These collectors are part of a group integral to Art Stage Jakarta – its Board of Art Patrons, an exclusive gathering of distinguished art collectors from Indonesia. The President of the Board of Art Patrons is Mr Deddy Kusuma, a renowned Indonesian art collector known for his passion for the local art scene, and a vocal advocate for its internationalisation. Other art collecting luminaries on the board include Mr Alexander Tedja, Dr Ir. Ciputra, Mr Haryanto Adikoesoemo, Mrs Caecil Papadimitriou, and more.

As a complement, the Board of Young Collectors was also formed to highlight the upcoming generation of art collectors in Indonesia. The board is led by its President, Mr Tom Tandio, a young collector noted for his tireless commitment to the promotion of contemporary Indonesian art and artists. Other members are Mr Wiyu Wahono, Ms Natasha Radjimin, Mr Yudi Wanandi, and more.

Meanwhile, the Art Stage Jakarta Board of Friends comprises of Indonesia’s key social leaders who have provided unequivocal support for the fair. Led by its President Mrs Maria Lukito, the Board of Friends count among its members Mrs Dian Mulyadi, Mrs Farah Quinn and many others.

The inaugural edition of Art Stage Jakarta has, without a doubt, allowed the audience in attendance to witness not only the growth, but also the artistic and market potential of Indonesia’s contemporary art scene. Art Stage Jakarta is slated to return for its second edition from 11 till 13 August 2017.